A. General

1. Franchise holder should have to pay us refundable franchise fee of Rs.30, 000/- (Thirty thousand only) which will be refundable after 6-months. The term of Franchise Holder will be initially for a period of one year subject to fresh renewal on yearly basis as per terms to be decided by Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd.

2. Online Training will be arranged by Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd. for the Franchise Holders, to understand our home-based job Schemes & other services. In case they wish to get training in person, they may visit our Bhubaneswar office; however all incidental expenses will have to be borne by themselves.

3. The Franchise Holders will take care of all charges relating to promotional campaigns.

4. Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd. may appoint any number of Franchise Holders, as may be required on business considerations.

B. Commissions / Targets:


(1) Franchise Holder will get direct commission of 20% from each & every joining under his/her Franchise code no.

(2) Franchise Holder will get 10% commission on his/her total member’s monthly income.

(3) If Franchise Holder give any franchise under his/her code no, Franchise Holder will get 10% commission on Franchise Fee & 5% from their income.

(4) Franchise Holder can take Rs.500/- extra for training if any member needs training.

(5) Franchise certificate, ID card, Company Advertising material will be provided by BOS Pvt. Ltd.

(6) Franchise Holder will get a FREE Bronze membership plan of Ad Posting Job.

(7) Franchise Holder will get many more incentive from time to time as per company terms & condition.

Targets:- The Franchise Holder must register a minimum of 05 Members per month who interested to do work. There is no upper limit fixed…

In case any Franchise Holder fails to achieve the stipulated minimum target continuously for a period of SIX Months then Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd. reserves the Right to terminate the Agreement of franchise Holder

C. Responsibilities of the Franchise Holders:-

1. Explaining our different home based job to all individuals who interested to do work.

2. Assisting individuals interested in joining our different home based job to fill up the Membership Form.

3. Providing Membership Forms.

4. The Franchise Holder is authorized to collect cash payments as Membership/Registration fees for BOS Home Based Job from individuals who interested to join.

D. Responsibilities of Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd:-

Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd will provide all backend support, which would include:-

1. Allocating a Franchise Code No for stamping application forms to be issued by them.

2. Issuing a Franchise Certificate to Franchise Holders for prominent display at their place of work.

3. Sending acknowledgements and arranging online training to members.

4. Allocation of member/member ID’s.

5. Allocating work on a monthly basis to the members.

6. Obtaining monthly reports from the members.

7. Checking the reports sent by the members.

8. Making payment calculations on monthly basis and intimating the same to the members email id directly & one copy to Franchise Holder Email id.

9. Making payments to the members based on their work on a monthly basis.

10. Providing all backend support related to any type of technical queries and complaints.

By the Franchise Holder:-

1. Franchise Holder is Non – transferable

By Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd. :-

1. Violations of these terms and conditions in any form will lead to the termination of the contract without any prior notice.

2. For reasons beyond our control we reserve the absolute right to terminate the authorization of Franchise Holder without assigning any cause or reason whatsoever.

E. Payment of Commissions:-

Commissions will be calculated based on the number of registrations done per month and payment Cheque sent to Franchise Holder by DD on monthly basis by courier / Regd Post. If the Franchise Holder has an SBI / ICICI BANK Account then the commission amount will be remitted directly into his account.

I hereby declared that I completely agree with the terms condition of Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar, Orissa.


Place:                                                                                               (Signature of the Franchise Holder)


Please take a print out of this agreement paper & Send it to our Head Office:

Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd., Plot No-421/1617, Infront of Xavier International School, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Orissa-751024, India. OR Mailto- Mobile: +91 9338291208, Phone: +91 674 2726208. Website: